Amanda’s knowledge, experience, compassion and genuine love for dogs is what makes her positive training successful. We were struggling to understand our newly adopted vision impaired puppy and are so thankful to work with Amanda. Clarke immediately responded to her and loves his training time. We can’t thank her enough for her time, advice, resources and care for Clarke and our family.


- Amy, Maryland

Amanda helped me with virtual sessions with my deaf and visually impaired puppy. She helped me learn how to communicate with her and showed me it's really not much different than hearing dogs. She was very patient, available, and knowledgeable. Amanda took her time, ensuring I understood how to progress our training of the new command. We worked in a few commands per session as well as answered questions of how to deal with common puppy issues all while laughing with me at my pups antics. Thanks again Amanda!


- Stephanie, Virtual Client


This summer, our 10 year old dog Brandy was diagnosed with SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome). Adjusting to this sudden blindness was difficult for Brandy and for us as owners. It was heartbreaking to witness our happy and affectionate dog who loved long walks, catching carrots in mid-air, and cuddles to become so withdrawn and lost; we felt unable to help her.

We were put in contact with Amanda Fuller of Thumbs Up Training. From our first conversation with Amanda, we were certain that she would be able to help us and Brandy adjust to Brandy’s new reality. Amanda came to our home to work with Brandy over the course of several months; with our training sessions spaced every couple of weeks, we were able to follow up with Brandy and reinforce the strategies that Amanda had taught. Not only did Brandy love working with Amanda, but she also made tremendous progress during this time.


Prior to working with Amanda, Brandy would often spend the day laying on the couch, seemingly depressed and uninterested in things that once brought her joy. She would often stumble, especially when going down stairs, and refused to go for walks. Amanda’s strategies for building confidence and learning how to navigate her surroundings worked wonders for Brandy! Brandy now socializes with us and our toddler and is able to rely upon her other senses to help her explore her surroundings. She goes up and down stairs independently and safely, and her stamina for and interest in long walks increases every day.


We are so proud of our dog and we are so incredibly grateful to have found Thumbs Up Training. We owe Brandy’s enhanced confidence and bravery to Amanda and the wonderful training she provided!

- Leanne, Maryland

Our new, deaf, rescue puppy was having a real hard time adjusting to his new life and being crated for any amount of time was impossible.


Amanda came in and not only helped us with showing us tools to make him more relaxed in his crate but also worked with our vet to get him the help he needed to succeed. We couldn't have asked for a better trainer and our dog treats Amanda like family.

- Matthew, Maryland


Amanda was so helpful with Kilian, our deaf blind almost 2 year old pup. She created a plan that met us where we were and helped us move toward our goals. Now that we’ve finished our session Amanda has made sure I prepared to continue the training as he progresses and know what my next steps are. I am so grateful for her patience and kindness with both myself and Kilian!

- Rebecca, Maryland